This too, shall pass

20th floor growing old.

Forever, you will be my best friend
Some don’t like that for the 3 letters at the end
Of that last line, but really that is fine
Because always, you will be mine. I promise

— KW


To you, from me - Counting.
Sunset’s in Portland can be so eye catching
I can never tell you which color either of my eyes will be. They enjoy changing.
I want this, so bad


Happy 40th birthday to Rasheed Wallace! Here we see him with his (and every NBA fan’s) arch enemy, Joey Crawford.

He wanted to snuff him lol
“Today I saw a couple lines on your skin
From some bad memories you’ve held within
The edges were so sharp, the marks are so thin
I now vow to never let you feel that pain again”



(via amurderousgroove)